Monday, 19 October 2009

Puff Striped Slouch Hat by stephchows

Being born and raised in Canada, I've seen the Anne of Green Gables movies about 25 times (and read the books a few times too). I love them! And not just cause Anne has red hair.
In the books/movies Anne longs for to find a 'kindred spirit'. Just like Anne who finds Diana, I've been lucky enough to find a few friend's I would describe as a kindred spirit throughout my lifetime, and somehow, but some lucky fluke, the internet found me another.
I did a cookie exchange last Christmas and sent biscotti to Steph at stephchows. I started reading her fabulous food blog at that time, but it wasn't until later that I realized just how alike we are! Now not a week goes by that I read something on her blog and think - "I think/feel/love/hate the same thing!" Seriously. Sometimes I think it's like we were separated at birth we are so alike! And not just cause we have the same birthday. (Sadly, I am 1 yr older.)
Anyways, awhile back I suggested we do guest posts since I made a batch of pumpkin ginger granola I wanted to share.
In return this is Steph's crafting post back.


No matter if you like it or not... autumn weather... and even traces of frost and ice are creeping into the area! But don't fret, I have just the thing to keep you warm.
This is the perfect project to use up some random skeins of yarn you have laying around. It's also perfect for a nice quick project, just grab a K sized crochet hook, some worsted weight yarn, and plop yourself in front of some bad tv and go to town. By the end of a few shows (project runway, top chef, girls next door! oh DVR how I love you! no commercials for me!) you will have yourself a nice new hat to wear to work in the morning! (ok don't judge me on my shows... girls next door is very ummm educational... yes, that's it...lord why do I like that show!? I'd like to see your DVR list... I bet there are some doosies in there!)

I started making this hat with some leftover blue and a multicolor yarn... I got 4 rounds into it and knew it was an utter disaster. WOW, how on earth did I think that would look good??

Oh well, it was just practicing for the real thing right? I went back to my yarn stash and found a nice grey and a mellow white... ok much better, no clashing, or barf inducing color combination here!

If you'd like to be oh so stylish and cool, you can find the pattern here for free!

And if you are craving something tasty... stop on by my blog for a treat :)


Astra Libris said...

I'm so glad Steph brought me to your wonderful blog! I love Steph's hat, and your blog is glorious as well - two afternoon treats! :-) Thank you both! :-)

stephchows said...

you rock girl!! I can't wait till I come visit!! twins indeed :)

Corrie said...

Hey, cute hat!