Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Greetings fall. Hi autumn. I'm so glad you are here! I love you October. You herald in the days of squash, soups and sweaters. And although California falls are far from being the autumns of my youth, the days are chillier here too. I finally, for real, get to wear all of the things I've been making this year! This is reason to celebrate.
In that honour, and to go with my new green jacket from last year, I made this cute scarf.

I got the pattern here. And I think this scarf looks pretty good! I'm happy with the yarn and the outcome.
The pattern was really well written. The descriptions of the "treble" and "double treble" were easy to follow. I didn't even have to watch a youtube video. And I watch youtube videos for almost every new technique that is knitting/crochet related.
Now whether the scarf will be warm or not... that is yet to be seen. Even if it isn't, I love it! And I love you too October. I think I'm going to go make some fingerless mittens.
Just cause I can.

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stephchows said...

wicked cute!! and fingerless gloves are the best when it's cold at work... but you still need your fingers to type!