Saturday, 5 March 2011


Before I made my white mittens, it had been awhile since I'd made a pair. It's been even longer since I'd made boy-sized mittens. How big are boy hands? Although I by no means have dainty hands, I would guess on average they are bigger than mine. Um... right?
But when I finished this set and asked my brother to try them on and tell me if I got the size right, he said, and I quote: "Who did you make these for?? The Jolly Green Giant?"

So does anyone know the Jolly Green Giant's address? Cause I've got some mittens for him.
Not really. Besides, he probably wouldn't need them in his warm valley.

But that left me stuck with the problem of how to make them the right size. For awhile I debated whether or not to felt them. They are made from wool for added warmth so they would have felted up quite nicely. And that would (with any luck) make them the right size. But... I'm just not that in love with felt. I think knitted mittens are nicer.
So I decided, to leave them as is. Instead to solve the problem I sewed fleece liners. I know! I, me, Jeanne, sewed! If you don't remember, I'm not so great a seamstress. With the liners I think they no longer feel too big.
(Um... they got gifted and I didn't get a good picture of the liners. Oops! Maybe I'll have to make another pair to show you. Haha. riiiight.)


stephchows said...

Big or not the colors of these are perfect! Love the shades of blue :)

Ty'sMommy said...

well, aren't you just the gifting elf lately! I think they look great!
By the way, I love my hat! It has kept my ears warm these last couple of dreary weeks. Knitting is something I have never learned to do and I can only do the most basic crochet (hotpads and simple scarves) so I can certainly appreciate the talent it takes! Now sewing, well, THAT I could actually help you with!

Jeanne said...

Ty'sMommy - I'm SOOO happy you are liking the hat!! And I could definitely use your help with sewing. I can do it. kind of. But I almost need someone looking over my shoulder for each seam just to make sure I'm doing it right!
And these mittens were actually a requested make, so they weren't a surprise or anything... But still fun!