Friday, 29 May 2009

The 20's in a cloche

Can someone tell me why in late May, and it's hot outside, and I've suddenly decided to start knitting toques like a fiend? 

Really. What am I thinking? Tell me. I'd like to know the reasoning behind it. Other than the fact that it's a great way to use up my yarn, I have no idea why they are the patterns that are begging me to knit them right now. 

I really liked the looks of this pattern. Perhaps not my version of the hat, but cloches are so 20s and the pattern picture (Ravelry link) totally reminds me of that era. (And much of the book the pattern comes from too is 20s/30s ish.) The pattern itself is pretty easy, but it requires 4 different needle sizes. Really? 4? Were they all necessary? I'm not sure. So, this is not one for beginners or other people with limited knitting tools. 
Otherwise, it was an okay pattern. Easy to understand and do. I just hope that the recipient of this hat looks better in it than I do.

Oh & in case you were wondering: Next post? You guessed it. Another hat.

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stephchows said...

I can't get over how many cool hats you're making! You are making it harder and harder for me to put off learning how to knit :)