Friday, 15 May 2009

And so it starts

Isn't this a beautiful thing?
This must be what painters feel when they look at a blank canvas. No. Not dread, foreboding and worry. Okay. Maybe some worry, but not much. 
I was thinking more about how there is nothing there right now, but how with a little time and effort and work there will be something that is (hopefully) beautiful and pretty cool. Only painters have a little more creative license than I will have with this cross stitch. My final project is pretty set in stone, or floss as the case may be. 

Yup. That's what time it is. Wedding Cross stitch time. My friend, for whom I made the hotwater bottle cozy, is getting married this September and thus is it time to start on her gift. What will it be? Give it three months and I'll post you another slideshow, like the last one. (only hopefully I'll do a better job with the pics this time.) 
Wish me luck!

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