Saturday, 9 May 2009


I made more socks!
Only… they turned out a little wonky.

That’s what I get for trying to modify the pattern!! Silly me thought I was knitting-smart enough to modify the pattern easily. Um…. No.

Normally it wouldn't be that big of a deal... Unfortunately, I made these as a gift. Sigh. 

At least they look okay when they are on a foot. But when they are just sitting there, they look a little funny. The heel is too narrow and sort of buckles and the toe and heel don’t match up perfectly so there’s a little gathering. But I tell myself you don’t notice it so much when wearing it.

They are based off of the Thuja pattern, only lots of changes. Because of the yarn weight, I CO 66 stitches and used size 2 needles. Bad math skills by me! So when it came to do the leg pattern I couldn’t do the K3, P1 pattern in it. Nope. So instead I made it K4, P2. That part worked okay. The mock ribbing makes it nice and stretchy. I then changed the number of stitches I knit on the heel, and that’s where all of the wonkiness happened. Note to self: Do not skimp on heel stitches.

But they are done, and I am still proud of them.

The socks took a long while to complete, and oddly I think it’s because the knit/purl pattern is so simple. There’s no cabling, no nothing. You’d think that would make it faster… but it just meant the socks couldn’t keep my attention. I must have started and finished 3 or 4 other (small) projects in the mean time!

Well – I have one more skein of yarn from what I bought at Stitches West. I am on the look out for another pair of socks I want to try. I’m considering trying toe up or something complicated just for fun. But all this will be done after the big x-stitch of 2009. Details to come.

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