Thursday, 14 May 2009

Re-useable bags

You know that Sound of Music song? Favourite things? Well, if Julie Andrews/Maria was singing about my favourite things it would have to include two things from this picture:

Trader Joe's Just the Clusters Ginger Granola & Reuseable bags.

I love 'em!
What's not to love? Reuseable bags are great for the enviornment. Sturdier than plastic bags. More stylish too. (Although in this case the colours are a little... odd...) 
And ginger granola? 'nough said.

I liked this pattern: Elisa's Tote. But I have to admit - I didn't do the I-cord properly. I should have watched youtube videos first. Oh well. Next time I'd also make the handle a little shorter. Not only does the bag stretch a bit to accommodate for whatever you want to put in it, but the handle stretches when said things are heavy. But all in all, based on the 3 times I've used it, I like it. 

PS - my favourite things song would also include knitting needles, my kitchenaid, the library, rain and... (why not) bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

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