Monday, 25 May 2009

Finish that hat

Happy Memorial day all! (If you get the day off that is. I'm still a little bitter that I have to work for part of it... but that's neither here nor there.)
This long weekend I decided to finally get off my a%# and finish a few projects I have sitting around. All hats. Soooo, be ready for the great Memorial Day (err - week of posts) hat round up. There may be a few...
Do you remember this hat? I started it months ago!

I was making it to get rid of stash yarn... and then I ran out of white. I debate for a while whether I should frog it, or make the top a different colour.
In the end I decided to actually buy more yarn. Eek. The whole point was to get rid of yarn! Not buy more that I don't really want. But it's white... So really, I'll use it at some point in time.

I got the pattern here, and had absolutely no problems with it. The top of the hat is exactly like Turn A Square hat, but it's a easy way to decrease a hat, so that's not surprising.

All in all, it's okay. I'm not 100% sure who I made this hat for... but someone will be getting it for Christmas in 7 months. Hopefully that person will like it.

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