Sunday, 3 January 2010

2009's favourite hat & other favourite things

One question that everyone asks me when they find out I live in Cali but am in the land of ice and snow visiting for Christmas is "What do you think about the SNOW!?" My answer? I LOVE it!
But to be fair, it's easy to love snow when you know that you only have to deal with it for 1.5 weeks of the year. Then it's fun.
Even this is fun:

Yup. That's me being clobbered in a snow pile by my older brother and nephew. My face is totally covered in cold, cold snow. But not only do I not mind it, playing in the snow is one of my favourite things! Along with making igloos (what we did after we jumped in the snow pile), sledding, making snowmen. I loves it.

I also love this last hat of 2009. I made it for myself!
I finished it two days after Christmas, after all of my family members got their hats. I must have been asked four times: "Who is this one for!?" Um... me. And I love it! I think it is my favourite of all the hats I made in 2009. And that is saying something since I made so many this year!
I got the pattern (ETTA) off of ravelry (so no link), and it's really very easy. The hardest part was the lace pattern, and that was pretty easy. It was only slightly harder because I had to use double pointed needles (because that's all I have here).

The only change I made to the pattern was to do two rows of increases. After the brim you are supposed to increase by 25 stitches in one row. I increased by 20 stitches in the first row (knit 4, increase 1, repeat) and then by 5 stitches in the second row (knit 25 stitches, increase 1, repeat).

(FYI - another thing I love about snow? It makes knitted things cool. Everyone wears toques all of the time, so it's okay that I want to wear hats wherever I go. :) )


stephchows said...

I love your favorite hat of the year!!! It looks great on you, and so much fun in the snow!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you loved her! Thank you so much for the nice comments. It's my first pattern and it is literally like a child to me! LOL :)


Nicole said...

I know this is two years after you wrote this but I was looking for a good way to add the stitches in without making a crazy mess. I love your way of doing 20 stitches in the first increase row and then doing 5 in the next. Great idea! Thank you!