Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy blog-iversary 2!

Subtitle: In which my blog turns two!
(Sub-subtitle: Does that mean my blog is into the terrible twos?!)

Well, Happy Blog-iversary to me! It's been a good two years of knitting. I've come a LONG way! I know so much more and I can make way better stuff. Or at least I think so. :)

Here's the round up of what I knit this year by numbers:
Hats - 23
Sweaters - 6
Scarves - 6
Headbands - 4
Socks/Slippers - 3
Mug warmers - 3
Bags - 3
Baby Afghans - 2
Mittens - 2
Dish cloths - 2

Pretty good for only one year! (In case you are curious, I did 11 crochet projects, 43 knits)

But you will notice a huge disparity in what I knit. Hats, hats and more hats...
That brings me to my New Years Knitting resolutions. I did this last year and I accomplished 2 of 3. I made socks! Yay! And I knit myself sweater(s) that I wear. Double yay! Now I just really need to learn how to do continental knitting. I *can* do it, I just don't really like it. I understand that one day it will be faster, but for some reason I just keep using the throw method.
So one of last years resolutions will also be on this year's resolution list.

1) *Really* learn how to do continental knitting.
2) Stop making so many damn hats! I will try to limit myself to 5 for the whole year! (... Um. Doubt I'll be able to stop myself, but I don't want to only knit them!!)
3) Design my own sweater pattern. (I already have ideas and yarn I want to use. I just actually have to do it!)

So again... Those goals/resolutions are achievable.

Yay for a new year. Yay for a new decade! And yay for more knitting projects to come!
All the best to y'all.


Dat Baeb said...

I'm proud to have one of those scarves. Yeah Hufflepuff! You can always send extra hats my way...the boys and I could always use a touque. We'll make some knitting dates when you get home. ;)

Jordan Sneakers said...

The new line is absolutely stunning! I have been so entertained by your blog,keep smiling and take care!