Friday, 15 January 2010

Leftover leggies

Leftover yarn.
Sometimes it's nice. Sometimes it's annoying. I have half a ball of yarn left over from the Chunky Bolero I just finished, and I have NO IDEA what to do with it. It's still a good amount of yarn and it was expensive... so I want to use it for something. I just have to find the right project.
I had leftover yarn from the Christmas Sweater I made. Luckily, it was easy to find a project to use up some of this bright red yarn.

Baby leg warmers!
Who knows if my niece will wear them, but I hope she will. From the photos on the pattern, they are super, super cute. The stripped ones are cuter... but I didn't have any yarn that would have worked well with the red. Still cute.


stephchows said...

oo i can just picture cute little baby legs wearing these LOL. I half want to wear leg warmers... but I have a feeling I couldn't pull off that style LOL

Jeanne said...

Me too! I totally want to wear legwarmers and have been planning on knitting myself some for years. But then I chicken out thinking I couldn't pull them off.... Hmm... maybe if I start wearing more skirts?

Corrie said...

Oh! Baby mommas love legwarmers, so they can keep the baby in a onesizee, easy to access the diaper region! Great idea!