Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Last Christmas Sweater

Yup. Here's the sweater I made for my nephew. Finally! This sweater has been a long time coming. And luckily, it worked out!
Fortunately, it fits him perfectly. (Thanks to the measurement my SIL gave me! But I'm excited that I knit to the measurements pretty well.)
The 'O's on the sleeves are supposed to be X's, but it didn't really turn out that way. Oh well. that's what happens when you modify a design. What you see in your head doesn't always happen in yarn.

And, unfortunately... I didn't get a picture of my nephew in said sweater. But it looks cute on him. You'll just have to trust me. It's especially with the penguin buttons.
Doubly, especially since I got to ask him - "So are we going to see penguins on vacation?" and when he said yes, it was the truth! Unfortunately, he also said yes if I asked him if we were going to see dragons on vacation... As far as I know, NZ does have dragons. (Well... unless they are filming The Hobbit in NZ and you want to count that...)

Yup. So I'm going to NZ! Guess who is going to be buying as much yarn as will fit in her bags for the way back. Probably me. (New Zealand does have more sheep than people living in the country after all!) I'm pretty freaking excited about the trip!! (But I'm not excited about spending more hours in an airport. I spent 17hrs there yesterday.) And it's coming up soon! More on it later...


Dat Baeb said...

Penguin buttons are the BEST!

Corrie said...

LOVE the buttons!
Please also slay a dragon and bring that back from your quest in NZ.