Monday, 18 January 2010

Leftover necks

You know what? I think I'm getting a lot better at using up yarn! Look at this:

It's my 2nd project that is made up of leftover yarn. And it's a project I'm happy with! Not only did it use up the 3/4 a ball of yarn leftover from the bolero I made earlier this month, but it also let me practice continental knitting - one of my new years knitting resolutions from this year! (and last year...).
That's one good thing about doing a simple project like this. It knits up fast, and I can try out different techniques without getting frustrated.

Look at me pretending it's cold enough outside to warrant this. Ha. It's not necessary now, but I think the next time I'm in a winter climate, something like this will be a) cute with a winter jacket and b) useful.
Until then, I'm just happy I used up the yarn. I recently found out I got that yarn on sale because it's actually been discontinued. Good thing I didn't start a project and then find out I needed more yarn! So all in all, although it's sort of a boring project, I'd call it a success.

1 comment:

stephchows said...

Totally cute! And perfect for a coat that's a little too open on top to keep you warm :) if you had even more leftover yarn you could make a bigger loop and then flip it around your neck twice :)